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Tags and Labels

NOTICE: Samples of your tags and labels still need to be mailed into the OSFM for your concern license renewal. There is not a provision to upload those tags and labels in Govmotus this year so they have to mailed to them. Be sure you mail them right away so it does not create a problem with your license renewal.

The office is now located in the new Resources building in downtown Sacramento. The best way to ensure your tags and labels reach them is to mail them to the PO Box.

The address is:
Office of the State Fire Marshal
Fire Engineering Division FE Program Coordinator
PO Box 997446
Sacramento, CA 95899-7446

Even though the notice was not posted on Govmotus, Title 19 is very clear that these tags and labels be received by the OSFM for a license to be renewed so mail them as soon as possible.
If you have mailed your tags and labels to the Harvard Street address, we recommend you SEND ANOTHER PACKAGE OF TAGS AND LABELS to the PO Box to ensure they are received by the Office and processed.
We will follow up shortly with the new phone numbers that will be assigned for the OSFM personnel and the street address for the Resources building.

We have also been advised that since this building is completely secured, anyone going to the physical location will need to make an appointment ahead of time as you will need to be escorted to their office. They advise to not simply show up as some have done at the past locations.

Please read attached notice from the State Fire Marshals Office