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Action Alert - Received from SCVASFA

The California Legislature and Governor Gavin Newsom placed Prop 13 on the March ballot last year to sell bonds for school construction. But because of the influence of the State Building and Construction Trades Council, and the acquiescence of developers and other business groups, it includes a provision that gives priority to school districts with a Project Labor Agreement (PLA).

As the San Jose Mercury News said recently -- when it encouraged a "NO" vote on Prop 13 -- "Four years ago, when California voters last approved state school construction bonds, we objected to the measure, Proposition 51, because it continued the developer subsidy. Proposition 13 on the March 3 ballot makes it worse. Voters should reject it. Prop. 13 would drive up the cost of school construction by giving priority for state funding to projects that include union labor agreements [PLAs]. State law for public projects, including school construction, already requires paying prevailing wages for the area. This would further push up the cost by discouraging non-union contractors from bidding on the work."

SVC AFSA encourages you to share this information with employees, family, friends, and business associates. If Prop 13 passes with this PLA language, SVC AFSA believes it will be incorporated into every ballot measure and funding legislation approved by the California Legislature.
You can read the San Jose Mercury News article here and a similar article in the Orange County Register here. 


Paulene Norwood
Executive Director
Sacramento Valley Chapter
American Fire Sprinkler Association


2020 License Concern Renewals
Physical Items Need to be sent into
Office of the State Fire Marshal

For License Concern Renewals:

We’d like to help answer some questions we have received about the 2020 License Renewal process:

While as part of the process online renewal (in GovMotus) you will have uploaded documents such as:

  • Current General Liability Certificate of Insurance (with State Fire Marshal listed as Certificate Holder)
  • Board of Equalization resale License (with correct physical address)
  • Current Reciprocal Letter/Agreement – (for CO2, Hydrostatic testing, High-pressure Cylinder, and Halon Tear-Down, etc.)
  • Valid Local Business License (Maybe from City or County depending on your business location)
  • Valid Department of Transportation Letter (if applicable)
  • Clean Agent Getz Certificate (or equivalent) – (if applicable)

As part of the renewal process –
there is still a requirement to provide certain
PHYSICAL Items as well

To help your license concern “company license” renewal process complete more smoothly –
Plan to mail-in Physical copies of the following items:

  • Sample company Service Tags and Labels – photocopies are NOT accepted
  • Sample Company low-pressure Hydrostatic Test Label (if applicable)
  • Sample Verification of Service Collars – All sizes – photocopies are NOT accepted

We have confirmed the best address to mail these physical items is:
CAL FIRE / Office of the State Fire Marshal
Fire Extinguisher Program
2251 Harvard Street, 4th Floor
Sacramento CA 95815
Attn: Wanda Albritten
Some firms have made the choice to mail these items in using a method that has tracking capabilities – USPS Express Mail, UPS with tracking, Federal Express, etc.

If you have further questions – please contact the Office of the State Fire Marshal
OSFM / Fire Engineering and Investigations / Fire Extinguisher Program


Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems Laws and Regulations

Laws and Regulations for Automatic Extinguishing Systems (updated 05/01/2017)

Fire Extinguisher Requirements

Do you know the fire extinguisher requirement for an Asphalt Kettle? If you were at the CALSAFE Annual Meeting you would have leaned the answer to this and many more extinguisher requirements that are not in Title 19 but in the California Fire Code. Read more about the requirements from the Fire Code you may not be aware of.”

Interested in Advertising with CALSAFE

The California Association of Life Safety and Fire Equipment (CALSAFE) is pleased to announce our new advertising program for 2017. Your organization will be able to efficiently maximize your marketing dollars through CALSAFE’s uniquely targeted advertising program that offers exposure through our quarterly newsletters, our website and at our Annual Meeting.

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