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It comes with much disappointment that we, the CALSAFE Board of Director’s, announce the cancellation of the in- person CALSAFE Annual Meeting that was scheduled for September 24-25, 2021 in Palm Desert. Unbeknownst to CALSAFE, the Embassy Suites Hotel, that was hosting our meeting, went into bankruptcy and was purchased by new owners in May of this year. We knew that the hotel had been closed from the first of the year, but were led to believe that this was for restructuring and renovation updates, with a scheduled reopen date of July, 2021. As it turns out, renovations are still ongoing, under this new management and the hotel is not expected to reopen until late September, at the earliest and staffing will be at a minimum.
Under the circumstances and much to our dismay, we are forced to cancel our CALSAFE Annual Meeting. The hotel has offered us a number of concessions to rebook the same time frame for next year, which we will consider at a later date. However this leaves us, at this late in the season, without an Annual Meeting for this year. Be assured that all registration money for those that have already signed up for the meeting will be returned. Even though this is through no fault of our own, we apologize for the necessity to cancel, as other than last year’s quarantine requirement, this has been the only cancellation in the past 28 years of CALSAFE’s history. Under the circumstances, we will now begin planning a blowout event for next year’s meeting and look forward to some great surprises!
In lieu of the annual meeting and to keep all of our members abreast of what CALSAFE has been doing this past year, as well as updates from the OSFM, we will be offering a mini web event later this year that will be free to all CALSAFE members on our website. Notification of this special update will be forthcoming and we hope that you will all take advantage of this unique opportunity.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support of CALSAFE.
CALSAFE Board of Directors


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