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How to Evacuate a Burning Building

  • The last one out of the room should not lock the door, just close it. Locking the door hinders the fire department's search and rescue efforts.
  • Proceed to the exit as outlined in the building's emergency action plan.
  • NEVER use the elevators under any circumstances.
  • Stay low to avoid smoke and toxic gases. The best air is close to the floor, so crawl if necessary.
  • If possible, cover your mouth and nose with a damp cloth to help you breathe.
  • If you work in a building with multiple stories, a stairway will be your primary escape route. Most enclosed stairwells in buildings over two stories are "rated" enclosures and will provide you a safe means of exit; don't panic and descend stairs slowly and carefully.
  • Once in a stairwell, proceed down to the fist floor. Never go up.
  • Once outside the building, report to a predetermined area so that a head count can be taken.