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CALSAFE was founded by companies licensed by the California State Fire Marshal to service fire extinguishing equipment. Our mission is to bring together as a common voice our professional ideas to promote and enhance the image of our industry. Since our founding we have expanded our scope to include fire equipment manufacturers, insurance companies, and others interested in the development of our industry.


  • To promote and enhance the image of the industry.
  • To create standards for the industry.
  • To establish effective liaison with the State Fire Marshal’s Office and other state and local agencies and legislative groups.
  • To foster and promote the highest possible quality of service provided by the fire protection industry.
  • To seek clarification and interpretative opinions from the State Fire Marshall’s Office concerning the requirements of Title 19 of the Administrative Code and other applicable laws and regulations.
  • To establish criteria for identifying and eliminating unfair or image damaging practices within the fire protection industry.
  • To act as a liaison with local and state agencies to make common problems and matters of interest known.
  • To operate independently of any member company and be of assistance to all.
  • To act as an independent agency whose duties shall be to accomplish the purposes of the association as outlined above.

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