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From the Office of the State Fire Marshal

The office is behind in issuing renewals. They have a shortage of personnel, along with the move to the new office. They are asking patience, they made significant progress yesterday, a substantial number went out and are working on the balance.

15-Day Notice

The OSFM provided a new 15 day public comment period for the regulation change for the new fees. Public has from November 23rd through December 7th to supply a comment.

Their reason states that the increase was after reviewing a five year trend to project the average number of licenses resulting in a projection of  their revenue and expenditures. They maintain that the fees are set at the lowest possible amount while providing the funds needed to run the program. They used a 2 percent COLA per year for the past 12 years and factored in the increases to the department’s cost of operation and payroll.

This decision to increase fees came after a State audit of the programs expenses and income.  

Some of the new fees will be:

  • Concern License go from $625 to $1,050
  • C of R go from $85 to $185
  • Change of a concern location go from $325 to $600

Written comments are to be sent to, include in the subject line “Comments 15-Day: PFE Fees”
Or mail to CAL FIRE / Office of the State Fire Marshal
P.O. Box 944246
Sacramento, California 94244-2460
Attn: Diane Arend, Code Development & Analysis.
More information can be found here or the tab labeled (PFE) Portable Fire Extinguisher – Fee Increase

Office of the State Fire Marshal has informed CALSAFE the Certification testing has been re-established with Pearson VUE.

Pearson Vue had suspended testing, then severely modified testing. The OSFM has been assured their testing has ramped up and they will be able to accommodate the OSFM Testing.

For questions please visit:
The procedures of the OSFM are the same as they were prior to the COVID shutdown.
NOTE: The OSFM did re-establish testing in the interim at their office to try to keep the testing moving within the COVID Guidelines, that service has been moved to Person Vue now that they can accommodate.
CALSAFE will continue to keep you updated as new news and procedures are communicated.

COVID-19 Employee Authorization Travel Documents

Life Safety Equipment Service, Maintenance and Emergency Repair
Critical Industry Employee Authorization to Travel
Download certification documentation for your vehicles.

Office of the State Fire Marshal Public Counter Closures

As the global effect of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, the CAL FIRE - Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) is closing most of our public counters statewide effective immediately. During this time, no State Fire Training applications (i.e. certification, instructor registration) or Fire Engineering and Investigation applications (i.e. licenses application and renewals) will be accepted in person. Fire and Life Safety construction plan review services will continue with modifications. All applications, licenses, plan review, or correspondence shall be submitted to the OSFM utilizing the program specific processes listed below.

Fire Sprinkler Fitter Certification

Fire Sprinkler Fitter Certification
(Water-Based Fire Protection)
Continuing Education Units
California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 19, Division 1, Chapter 5.5
Due to the recent events involving COVID-19, the Office of the State Fire Marshal has taken into consideration the impact it may cause involving the Fire Sprinkler Fitter Certification and Continuing Education Unit needs.

COVID-19 State Fire Marshals Office

As the COVID-19 emergency continues to evolve, fire departments and fire protection contractors must ensure fire prevention and life safety systems and equipment are in working order. These systems and products are essential functions in safeguarding the public, businesses and institutions.

Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems Laws and Regulations

Laws and Regulations for Automatic Extinguishing Systems (updated 05/01/2017)

Fire Extinguisher Requirements

Do you know the fire extinguisher requirement for an Asphalt Kettle? If you were at the CALSAFE Annual Meeting you would have leaned the answer to this and many more extinguisher requirements that are not in Title 19 but in the California Fire Code. Read more about the requirements from the Fire Code you may not be aware of.”

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