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Office of the State Fire Marshal Fire Extinguisher License renewal requirement change.

CALSAFE has received a number of phone calls and emails regarding notices sent to Licensees from the OSFM.

RE:  Effective January 1, 2017 your Concern License is no longer valid in California.  All Services performed after this date have been done WITHOUT a proper license in effect as required and may be subject to penalties.”

Many items on notice are not listed as necessary requirements on the ‘Renewal Form’ and have not been required by the OSFM for many years.

If you did not send the items on the sample notice below we would recommend you send them OVERNIGHT with a copy of your original renewal.

Unless you have received your 2017 License.

Download the sample of one of the letters.

If you have further questions contact the Office of the State Fire Marshal. Suggest by EMAIL and phone.