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We need Emails sent to OSFM regarding the suspension of Certificate of Registration testing.

Posted August 27, 2018

Office of State Fire Marshal is once again going to suspend 'Certificate of Registration' testing for the last 3 months of this year.

We were assured last year would be the last time necessary, as the contract testing would be in effect for this year and in future.

CALSAFE Members shared with us their frustration.

  • The testing suspension was not just the three months suspension.
    • Hire Technician September 2018
    • Decide they are good fit so send application in for testing October 2018 (no testing or scheduling until January 2019)
      • Technician can no longer service Fire Extinguishers as of December 2018, 90 Days after hire.
        • This requires layoff or redirection if company has ability to facilitate in another position until 2019.
    • Receive notice January 15, 2019 Technician replies.
      • History has shown office cannot immediately process after first of year.
    • Technician received Test Date in February or early March.
  • The Technician has now been out of work from December thru February (best case) 90 + Days.
    • Company has not had the service of the Technician for that 90 + Days.

This is best case scenario as there is a very good possibility the Technician will get frustrated and find another position.

**Download the email template**
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