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Safety Notice on Ansul K-Guard K01-3

NAFED members should be aware that Johnson Controls has issued a safety notice to its authorized Ansul extinguisher distributors on Ansul K-Guard model K01-3 Class K fire extinguishers after reports of failure to discharge. Investigation uncovered corrosion in the valve of the affected units. Johnson Controls is requiring the brass valves of this model be replaced with stainless steel valves which they will provide. The replacement should take place no later than the next inspection cycle.

Ansul distributors were informed that the affected part numbers are 434909 K01-3 Shipping Assembly (UL) and 439654 K01-3 Shipping Assembly (ULC). The affected models will have the model name on the nameplate and no stamping marks on the valve. Stainless steel valves will have a stamp on the valve under the handle and DO NOT need replacement. This affects K-Guard extinguishers manufactured between April 2013 and July 2020.

Should one of these units be encountered, a plan for replacing the valve will need to be made. Contact Johnson Controls for further information at 1-800-862-6785.

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