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CAL FIRE - Office of the State Fire Marshal

The Rusoh® Eliminator® Fire Extinguisher

Information Bulletin 20-002 | Issued: March 23, 202

Eliminator.jpgCAL FIRE - Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) has received questions regarding the Rusoh Eliminator Fire Extinguisher. This extinguisher has been tested by Underwriters Laboratory and meets the requirements to be sold in California. The device is also voluntarily listed by the OSFM.

The Eliminator design characteristics differs slightly from typical dry chemical fire extinguishers. Consumers should consult the owner's manual on its features and use.

As with all fire extinguishers, the Eliminator is required to be serviced and tested if the device is placed within a required occupancy in accordance with California Code of Regulations Title 19 and the California Fire Code. This includes service and inspection by an OSFM licensed concern and a certified technician. The annual fire extinguisher inspection is required to ensure this life-saving device functions exactly as designed in an emergency. However, based on this device’s characteristics, the Eliminator does not require a recharge or hydrostatic test.

If you have questions regarding this Informational Bulletin, please contact us at or (916) 568-3800. For approved service technicians and extinguisher questions, contact the manufacturer.
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