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Title 19 Updated

Posted: March 12, 2012

These are the regulations that have been working their way through the OFSM for several years that was a result of a review of the then current NFPA10 publications. There are some significant changes so everyone should review these and train their technicians of the new and changed regulation sections. These regulations are in effect as of October 1st 2013 so they required now! CALSAFE has reprinted those changes along with commentary that you can use in your training. We have left the cross out sections in this copy so you can see what language is being eliminated. The underlined wording is wording that has been added. The OFSM has stated they their office will wait until the proposed “Enforcement” package wording is approved and added to Title 19 before updating the copy of the “rules and regulations” that is posted on their site however they have posted a link to a pdf that lists the changes. The OSFM has posted a NEW STUDY GUIDE that reflects these changes. In the mean time you can print this training document and put it with the current Title 19 until that time. You can also go directly to the Westlaw site by nd view the current Title 19 language as that document has been updated.

The OFSM also said that they will additionally wait until the addition of the enforcement package to change the test. Questions on the current test that are inconsistent with any of these changes will not be counted against the taker.

There is a new requirement that the low pressure non-DOT log be kept for 13 years and that the low pressure test gauge be checked for accuracy quarterly by a Master Gauge and recorded, that record is also to be kept for 13 years. We recommend you combine the two records. Low pressure non-DOT test log with a place to record the quarterly gauge test. We are also providing a sample of a low pressure DOT test log that can be downloaded.

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