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15-Day Notice

The OSFM provided a new 15 day public comment period for the regulation change for the new fees. Public has from November 23rd through December 7th to supply a comment.

Their reason states that the increase was after reviewing a five year trend to project the average number of licenses resulting in a projection of  their revenue and expenditures. They maintain that the fees are set at the lowest possible amount while providing the funds needed to run the program. They used a 2 percent COLA per year for the past 12 years and factored in the increases to the department’s cost of operation and payroll.

This decision to increase fees came after a State audit of the programs expenses and income.  

Some of the new fees will be:

  • Concern License go from $625 to $1,050
  • C of R go from $85 to $185
  • Change of a concern location go from $325 to $600

Written comments are to be sent to, include in the subject line “Comments 15-Day: PFE Fees”
Or mail to CAL FIRE / Office of the State Fire Marshal
P.O. Box 944246
Sacramento, California 94244-2460
Attn: Diane Arend, Code Development & Analysis.
More information can be found here or the tab labeled (PFE) Portable Fire Extinguisher – Fee Increase