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State Fire Marshal Corner

Posted: June 15, 2015

FE (fire extinguisher) committee

  • The “exchange” regulation package is still making its way through the State Fire Marshal’s office. There is no proposed date for it to be moved to public comment.
  • The retesting of certificate holders will not take place this year, but has been delayed until after the first of next year. Dates, locations and other information will be disseminated as we receive them.
  • There is no other activity to report.

AES (automatic extinguishing systems) committee

  • At the last meeting we were advised that the new NFPA25 California Edition is still bogged down in legal negotiations between the OSFM and NFPA. There is not a proposed publish date at this time. The NFPA 2011 edition, with the published California amendments, are in effect.

Until there is a published copy of the NFPA25 California Edition, you will need to use the NFPA 25 2011 edition and print a copy of the Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems Laws and Regulations found on the OSFM website.  

  • The fillable pdf forms, which were posted on the website, have been taken down as there were a number of formatting issues. They have now been replaced with plain pdf forms that can be downloaded.
  • A workgroup has been working on a Sprinkler Certification regulation package. There is an article in this newsletter that has an update regarding that package.

A replacement for Tony Guevara to head up enforcement, has been named. His name is Tom Oldag and he comes to the positon from CDF, where he was involved in arson investigations. The board was able to meet with Tom and Jeff Schwartz at our last board meeting. We look forward to working with him in the programs.

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