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Water Mist Type Extinguishers are Recommended for Pool Pump


I've read under Amerex Tech Tip #5 that Water Mist type extinguishers are recommended for pool pump rooms or other areas containing chlorine-containing oxidizers. In the past we had used 5.5 BC extinguishers. I can't get a definitive answer from the local AHJ on what is and is not the best option or what will become the standard in the future. Do you have any info or recommendations that could help?

Pool Rooms and other areas that contain Oxidizers have always been challenging. 

The recommendation for Water Mist is to cover the requirement for Type A coverage while understanding there may be Live Electrical involved.  While the Oxidizers are not likely to burn they do influence and can cause other burning material to burn more freely. Be sure to take into account the need for Type B coverage. Also be sure, as always to consider EXITING when placing Fire Extinguishers.  

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