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Chapter 5 Regulation Change

Posted: December 26, 2013

The regulation package for Chapter 5 has been adopted. This change will adopt NFPA 25 2011 Edition with California amendments. All of the previous California amendments to the currently adopted NFPA 25 2002 edition have been struck and beginning on page 29 the new California amendments that correspond to the 2011 edition begin. Many of the amendments of the previous edition have been kept however there are some that have not as well as new ones added. The NFPA 25 2011 standard also has changed in many ways from the previously adopted edition. There were  changes made to the format of NFPA25 in that some items in certain chapters were rearranged and moved to other chapters making their reference numbers different. Kept that in mind because the basic text of NFPA 25 is not included in this linked proposed text document. You will need your copy of that edition to understand some of the new amendments and the referenced sections.

The AES forms also have many changes some of which are very dramatic. You will need to begin using those new forms. They will posted on the OSFM website shortly and we will have copies available as well. There are some significant changes to these forms. As an example, the new Wet System form will have the ability to record multiple risers on one from rather than completing a different form for each riser. The fire pump forms have been separated to differentiate between diesel and electric as well as allowing multiple periods on each form. You will also see new Pre-Engineered and Engineered forms that will be mandated.

The print copy of the NFPA25 California Edition that have the amendments incorporated in the document will be available to purchase from the publisher shortly. We will post a link when it is available.