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Conflict in New Regulations

Posted: October 24, 2013

In case you did not catch it there was something missed in creating the regulation changes. In 575.3 under Maintenance Procedures, Pressure Water extinguishers were  added to the Exception that states it is not necessary to internally examine such extinguishers types during annual maintenance. So Pressure Water extinguishers would no longer need to be torn down annually. Their internal maintenance would then only be required during it’s 5 year hydrostatic test or of course when recharged.

575.7 however was not changed which states that Stored Pressure extinguishers containing a water or loaded stream agent shall be disassembled on an annual basis and subjected to a compete maintenance.

This is an obvious conflict that neither the committee that worked on this package (that include several CALSAFE members) nor the OSFM caught. In talking with the OSFM they will add the proper change to the enforcement package so the conflict will be removed.